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    Duxton Kids Cooking Show

    • October 02, 2020 Vol. 10 : Peanut Butter Chocolate Cookies

      Who says T-Rex arms are useless? 🦖 Watch this week's episode as Chef Matilda and special guest, Dino stir up something! 🍪 Do dinosaurs like peanut butter? Find out how Dino really feels about it!

    • October 02, 2020 Vol. 9 : 3 Flavour Popcorn

      Who doesn't love popcorn? Watch Chef Matilda make an all time classic into three different flavours. Pick your fancy and get your favourite movie ready to pair with some delici-awesome popcorn! 🎬🍿✨

    • October 02, 2020 Vol. 8 : Homemade Strawberry Jam

      Chef Matilda's strawberry jam toast is easy to make and also helps you gain some muscles! 💪 Don't believe it? Watch to find out! DISCLAIMER : NOT a spicy jam 😉

    • October 02, 2020 Vol. 7 : Homemade Ice Cream

      It’s summer… who doesn’t love ice cream? 🍦☀️ Chef Matilda loveees ice cream! But instead of heading outside to the ice cream shop, grab a few simple ingredients and make your own ice cream!

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