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Cooking With Matilda

Sarah Devina

Vol. 21 : Ice Kacang

What is the ultimate summer thirst quencher? Shaved ice! Also known as ice kacang in Singapore and bingsu in Korea is a popular dessert that you can make yourself at home. This icy cold dessert has numerous toppings such as red beans, mochi and coconut jelly… Need we say more? 🤩
Sarah Devina

Vol 20 : Easy S'mores Mug Cake

Some days you just need something warm… something sweet… this 5 minute S’mores mug cake is your answer! ☕🍫
Sarah Devina

Vol 19 : How to Make Singaporean Breakfast

What do Singaporeans make for breakfast? 🤔 Watch this week of Matilda Cooking Show to find out! This OG Singaporean breakfast set is also served in most coffee shops in Singapore. Here's a hint for you: 🍞🥚🍫🥛

Sarah Devina

Vol 18 : How to Lo Hei Yu Sheng (CNY Special)

Happy Chinese New Year everyone! 🧧🎉 For this festive season, Chef Matilda is introducing the step-by-step Lou Hei Yu Sheng to help you Lou Hei like a pro 🥢 Remember to toss the Yu Sheng as high as we can to get as much luck as we can get! 
Sarah Devina

Vol 17 : Gula melaka Agar Agar (Singapore Special)

Gula Melaka and coconut = a match made in heaven 😋 Happy New Year everyone! This year chef Matilda is making Singapore sweets, starting with the famous Gula Melaka Agar-Agar 🥥🤎 
Sarah Devina

Vol 15 : Gingerbread House (Christmas Specials)

It's almost that time of the year! 🎄🌟 Watch Chef Matilda making her own gingerbread house for Santa. Psst, don't tell Ms. Klaus but she left some cookies for Santa inside.. 🎅 🍪 Happy ho ho holidays everyone! 🎁
Sarah Devina

Vol. 14 : Liege Belgian Waffles (21 Yong Siak Special)

Chewy on the inside and crispy on the outside… This week Chef Matilda is making pearl sugar waffles that is also known as Liège waffles 🧇 ✨Good news is, Liège waffles are now available at Monument Lifestyle, 21 Yong Siak St, Singapore. Come and over and give yourself a try! 😋
Sarah Devina

Vol. 11 : Peanut Butter Chocolate Cookies

Feeling fancy, might make some Oreo Truffles for dessert… 😋 With just few ingredients (also they’re NO BAKE 😉), these Oreo treats are perfect to reward yourself on the weekend for all the hard work you’ve done this week!

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