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Fun with Matilda

Sarah Devina

Art with Matilda Vol. 3 : Bottle Rocket

3..2..1.. BLAST OFF!  Today Matilda the Astronout is showing us how to create a rocket from a bottle. It’s literally out of this world fun!
Sarah Devina

Art with Matilda Vol. 2 : Trick-or-Treat Bag

Halloween is just around the corner! Have you got your trick-or-treat bag ready? We got you. Watch this video to make your very own trick-or-treat bag that can hold plenty of candies, yum!
Sarah Devina

Vol 24: Peanut Butter Banana Toast

Toast, spread, sprinkle, and GO! Yes that’s how simple it is to make this all time favorite Peanut Butter Banana Toast 😋
Sarah Devina

Vol 23: Matilda's Birthday Cake

Chef Matilda turns 4 years old! In this episode, her sister Kenzie is going to surprise her with a birthday cake. Watch this video for super easy recipe of chocolate cake, even a 2 years old can do it! 😋
Sarah Devina

Vol. 22 : Ice Kacang

What is the ultimate summer thirst quencher? Shaved ice! Also known as ice kacang in Singapore and bingsu in Korea is a popular dessert that you can make yourself at home. This icy cold dessert has numerous toppings such as red beans, mochi and coconut jelly… Need we say more? 🤩
Sarah Devina

Vol 20 : Easy S'mores Mug Cake

Some days you just need something warm… something sweet… this 5 minute S’mores mug cake is your answer! ☕🍫
Sarah Devina

Vol 19 : How to Make Singaporean Breakfast

What do Singaporeans make for breakfast? 🤔 Watch this week of Matilda Cooking Show to find out! This OG Singaporean breakfast set is also served in most coffee shops in Singapore. Here's a hint for you: 🍞🥚🍫🥛

Sarah Devina

Vol 18 : How to Lo Hei Yu Sheng (CNY Special)

Happy Chinese New Year everyone! 🧧🎉 For this festive season, Chef Matilda is introducing the step-by-step Lou Hei Yu Sheng to help you Lou Hei like a pro 🥢 Remember to toss the Yu Sheng as high as we can to get as much luck as we can get! 
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